The Administration and Support Bureau is overseen by Major Wes Priddy. The bureau consists of many specialized sections and units designed to support the Corrections Bureau and Law Enforcement Bureau. In addition to the sections highlighted below, the bureau also includes the Training Academy and security of CTECC (Combined Transportation and Emergency Communications Center).

It is the mission of the Administration and Support Bureau to ensure the delivery of effective and efficient services to the community, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office family and those incarcerated in the Travis County Jail and Travis County Correctional Complex. The Administrative responsibilities of the bureau include the management of the following sections:

Central Records

The Central Records Section is comprised of four members responsible for providing incident reports, accident reports and background checks to law enforcement, criminal justice agencies and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) for crime reporting.

Crime Statistics

Crime statistics are available for dates starting in 1999. To find out how to obtain crime statistics, please visit our Request a Record or Report page.

Disposition of Arrests

Felony Cases:

Travis County District Clerk’s Office

Misdemeanor Cases:

Travis County Clerk's Office

Fingerprinting Services

The Sheriff's Office provides fingerprinting services to the public. Please visit our Public Resources page for details.

Incident Reports

To find out how to obtain your Incident Report, please visit our Request a Record or Report page.

Traffic Ticket Fines

The first step to resolving your ticket is to read the instructions on the back of the yellow copy of the citation and given to you by the officer. The back of your ticket contains information on how to resolve your citation. To find out more regarding resolving your traffic ticket, please visit our Vehicle Resources page.

Incarceration Records

Incarceration records checks through the Travis County Sheriff’s Office are available from May 1988 to the present. To find out how to obtain incarceration records, please visit our Request a Record or Report page.

Vehicle Accident Reports

Accident Reports can be obtained by mail or in person. For details, please visit our Vehicle Resources page for details.

Central Warrants

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Central Warrants Division maintains and executes criminal arrest warrants. Central Warrants is relied upon to have these records readily available for warrant confirmations, executions and court recalls by processing and entering documents into the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Warrant database, as well as the Texas and National Crime information Centers (TCIC/NCIC) -- 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

Warrant Information

Travis County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Information can be obtained by accessing Warrants on Web (WOW) or by calling our office at (512) 854-9751. When calling, please follow the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automated attendant and use either the phone key pad or speak to the IVR attendant. Our search system only applies to Travis County Sheriff's Office; if you are searching for an arrest warrant from another Texas law enforcement agency, you will need to contact that agency directly.

Child Support Warrants

For more information on Child Support Warrants, contact Constable Precinct Five Warrant Office at (512) 854-9582 or visit their website.

Class C Warrants

This office does not maintain Class C Warrants of Arrest or information for Traffic Citations, etc. Class C Warrants are issued by the Municipal Court or the Justice of the Peace Precinct, in the jurisdiction where the Class C Offense occurred or the traffic citation was issued. To find out more, please visit our Request a Record or Report page.

Courthouse Security

Finde out more about Courthouse Security requirements on our Jail Information page HERE.

Combined Transportation, Emergency and Communications Center

The Combined Transportation, Emergency, & Communications Center (CTECC) Security Section provides security screening, access control and emergency response for the communications nerve center for Austin/Travis County emergency services. This dedicated group of sworn deputies provides the utmost in professional security services protecting the vital link between fire, EMS and police services and the public we serve.

Data Services

Technical Services

Technical Services is a six person team responsible for supporting over 2,000 users of computer software systems for troubleshooting, ensuring the integrity and correction of data and repairing over 650 computers, laptops and printers. The Sheriff’s Office software systems consist of those used for incident and accident reports, jail booking and photographs, pharmacy and medical records, state and federal connections and several other programs used by staff. Other duties include: providing technical consultation, project-management, maintaining dozens of reports and interfaces.

Criminal Justice Information System

This section consists of four staff members who ensure compliance for statutorily arrest reporting to DPS for all charges processed by the Travis County Central Booking Facility. Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) staff are responsible for error resolution to ensure accuracy and for updating information as status changes occur. More than 36,000 charges are updated annually. CJIS also researches identity issues in local criminal databases. One staff member specializes in misuse of identity cases where a person arrested assumes the identity of another person at the time of the arrest. More than 1,000 cases of identity issues are handled yearly.

State Coordinators Section

This three person section is responsible for the coordination of receiving and preparing penitentiary packets. Approximately 3,000 persons are transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice annually. This section also monitors persons in custody for parole warrants beginning with the execution of the arrest warrant to ensuring they are released or transferred in compliance with state law. Staff coordinates extraditions for fugitives from justice to include waivers and Governor’s Warrants. Additionally, each year approximately 2,000 expunction motions and orders are received and processed which include the actual deletion and/or obliteration of data in paper and electronic formats.


Employees of the Sheriff’s Office Finance Department work at several locations: the Keith G. Ruiz Finance Office, the Travis County Correctional Complex (TCCC) Finance Office, TCCC Supply Office and the TCCC warehouse.

The responsibilities of the Finance Department vary greatly and include the supervision, coordination and administration of major financial affairs including: accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, fleet, fixed assets and purchasing. TCCC Finance Office’s primary function is to maintain departmental financial accountability to ensure internal financial controls for efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

Ruiz Finance

The Ruiz Finance Office is primarily responsible for receiving and processing the deposit of collections from Central Booking, Central Records, Central Warrants and the Sheriff’s Office Estray Unit. In addition, the team posts all money orders sent to inmate accounts and prepare monthly department financial statements for the ten discretionary accounts maintained by the Sheriff’s Office.

The Ruiz team is also responsible for processing payments for a variety of services including communications, inmate medical services, and travel; as well as preparing invoices for inter-local agreements, elections and overtime billing.

Finally, the Ruiz Finance Office manages a number of programs and databases including the fixed asset and fleet databases, the Attorney Surety Bond program and the residential and business alarm permit program.

TCCC Finance

The TCCC Finance Office serves both the Corrections and Law Enforcement Bureaus to ensure the financial resources are available to adequately and effectively function with overall efficiency. The TCCC Finance Office oversees capital projects, the procurement process of goods and services, and ensures compliance with county purchasing policies (Chapter 262 Texas Local Govt Code) and federal and state laws. TCCC Finance also ensures the ethical compliance of various funds including: general fund, grants, capital allocated reserves, certificate of obligations and Sheriff’s Office discretionary funds.

While monitoring and managing an estimated $176.8 million annual budget along with various grants and 10 discretionary funds, TCCC Finance plays a supporting role in seeking the best quality, lowest priced goods and services to meet the needs of the county and its personnel, as well as providing prompt payment to county vendors.

Alarm Registration

For information about how to register your alarm, please visit our Alarm Registration page.

Attorney Surety Bonds

You can find information regarding Attorney Surety Bonds HERE.

Hospital Visitation Unit

The Hospital Visitation Unit (HVU) is responsible for transporting inmates to hospitals and medical appointments located outside the secure confines of the Travis County Jail and the Travis County Correctional Complex, as well as facilitating visitation between inmates and their family and friends.

HVU officers are specially trained to provide constant security and supervision at various local hospitals when hospital admittance is required for inmates in custody. Their primary goal is to ensure that inmates receive necessary medical attention, without compromising the safety and security of the public and medical staff attending them.

HVU also operates the Visitation Center at the Travis County Correctional Complex. Through state-of-the-art visitation technology, friends and family are able to receive on-site, face-to-face or video visits at the Travis County Correctional Complex, or at-home visits via remote video visitation. Official visitors and volunteers requiring special badges are all processed through the Visitation Center as well. HVU officers are responsible for screening all visitors and staff, in an effort to reduce contraband within the jail facility. In addition to inmate medical transports and coordinating all types of visitation, HVU staff also assists the public with retrieving inmate property and inmate releases.

Human Resources

Please visit for all related Career and Human Resources needs.

Training Academy


The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Transportation section is responsible for inmate movement and security to and from court. Transportation also handles extraditions, persons arrested on Travis County warrants in other counties, and court arrests. Transportation staff moved over 28,000 inmates to court appearances, and transported almost 5,000 inmates around the state and country on warrant pick-ups, bench warrants, state and federal prisoner transports, and transports to state mental health facilities in 2016. The Transportation Section maintains a fleet of specially equipped SUVs, vans and busses to accomplish its mission, and its staff are highly trained and efficient in “routine” inmate movement and security as well as high risk transports.

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