The Travis County Sheriff’s Office divides management of our diverse law enforcement responsibilities into three commands, East, West and Central. The Law Enforcement Bureau is overseen by Major Craig Smith.

Central Command

Keith Ruiz Building - 5555 Airport Blvd., Austin, Texas 78751 (Map)

(512) 854-9770


The Central Command provides law enforcement support county-wide. Services include 9-1-1 dispatch, criminal investigations, sex offender registration, victim services. The administration of the Sheriff's Office is also located at the Central Command.

9-1-1 Communications

Contact: (512) 974-0845

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) is a key participant in the Combined Transportation and Emergency Communications Center. Emergency Communications for Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services is coordinated through a single facility using shared information resources. The result is a seamless delivery of services from the 9-1-1 caller to the appropriate responding agency.

TCSO dispatchers answer all 9-1-1 calls from unincorporated Travis County, as well as for five of our partner city agencies. Our communications professionals can handle dozens of resources at a time with the use of a state-of-the-art dispatching system and advanced radio infrastructure.

Criminal Investigations

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID) operates under Central Command. The CID is comprised of detectives and civilian Law Enforcement Specialists responsible for investigating crimes reported in the unincorporated areas of Travis County. CID is divided into five specialized sections:

Homicide / Sex Crimes Unit: This unit investigates all homicides and suspicious or unexplained deaths. The detectives assigned to this unit also investigate TCSO officer-involved shootings as well as in-custody inmate deaths. Two detectives are specially trained and designated to investigate all sexual assaults and sex related offenses. The Homicide / Sex Crimes detectives are assigned to an on-call rotation and are available to respond 24 hours a day, if needed.

Child Abuse Unit: This unit conducts criminal investigations into allegations of physical abuse and neglect of children 14 years of age or younger and sexual abuse of children under 17 years of age. The Child Abuse Unit also investigates allegations of abuse and neglect of persons 65 years of age or older and disabled persons. The TCSO Child Abuse Unit is an integral part of the Austin/Travis County Child Protection Team, a multi-agency collaboration of child advocates who seek to ensure the safety and health of all children in Travis County. Child Abuse detectives are conveniently housed on a campus with the APD Child Abuse Unit, DFPS (two investigative units) and two Travis County Assistant District Attorneys (DA) who represent and counsel the Child Protection Team.

Persons Crimes Unit: This unit conducts criminal investigations into allegations of crimes against persons ranging from harassment to aggravated robbery. Detectives in the unit investigate violent felonies where there is not a likelihood of death.

Family Violence Unit: This unit conducts criminal investigations into allegations of domestic violence against victims 15 years of age or older, but less than 65 years of age. The unit’s primary goal is to protect victims through education and successful prosecution to end the cycle of violence. It is an integral part of the Austin/Travis County Family Violence Protection Team, a multi-agency collaboration of victim advocates who seek to ensure the safety of all victims of domestic violence in Travis County.

Property Crimes Unit: This unit is responsible for investigating property crimes such as burglaries and thefts. The majority of cases investigated by the Criminal Investigations Division are property crimes.

The Financial Crimes Unit: This unit is responsible for investigating the offenses of credit card abuse, identity theft, forgery and various internet-related financial offenses. The detectives in this unit work closely with other law enforcement agencies, as well as area banks and merchants. One detective is assigned to the District Attorney's Office White Collar Task Force, working primarily embezzlements and high-profile fraud cases.

Sex Offender Registration

The Department of Public Safety has created searches for Texas Public Sex Offender Registry. These searches allow the public to search the registry for sex offenders registered in Texas. You may search this registry at:

If you have questions regarding Sex Offender registration for Travis County, please email [email protected].

Travis Registration and Compliance (TRAC)

TRAC monitors sex offender registration.

Registration takes place:

At the direction of Governor Greg Abbott and in light of the governor’s State of Disaster Declaration related to COVID-19, DPS has been directed to extend the expiration date of Texas identification cards (ID), driver licenses (DL), commercial DLs (CDL) and election identification certificates (EIC) for the duration of the Governor’s declaration of State of Disaster and for 60 days after DPS provides further public notice that normal operations have resumed. Additionally, the department has been directed to close DL offices effective Thursday, March 19, until directed to reopen by the governor. These actions come as the state works to limit the ongoing spread of COVID-19 by increasing social distancing in communities.

During this period of DL office closures, some registered sex offenders will be unable to renew, update or apply for an annual renewable DL, CDL or ID card as required under Chapter 62, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Affected registrants should immediately notify their primary registration authority of their intent and inability to comply with this requirement and seek instructions from that local agency on how to proceed. These registrants are also advised to continue to monitor DPS sponsored publications related to any public notice on when DL offices are scheduled to reopen. Once offices are in operation, the registrant must appear at their local DL office and conduct any annual renewable DL/ID maintenance before the expiration of the extended expiration date or apply for the initial issuance of an annual renewable DL/ID.

Non-compliance with this registration requirement is assessed and determined by the primary registration authority for which the person is registered with. Any compliance-related questions are directed to that local agency’s sex offender registration office.

At this time, Sex Offender Registration will only be processed over the phone at 512.854.9396 or via email.

East Command

Jim Collier Building - 7811 Burleson Manor Road, Manor, Texas 78653 (Map)

(512) 854-9721


The Travis County Sheriff's Office East Command is officially the James E. Collier building which is dedicated in memory of the former well-respected and tenured Chief Deputy.

The East Command provides services to the cities of Del Valle, Manor, Mustang Ridge and Pflugerville.

Auto Theft Task Force

Please visit our Auto Theft Task Force page to learn more.

Environmental Crimes

The Travis County Environmental Crimes Detective position has been in existence for over 15 years. The unit is unique as it is the sole Law Enforcement detective position in all of Travis County, to include municipalities, devoted to environmental crimes. TCSO currently investigates everything from illegal dumping to corporations disposing of hazardous waste.

Download Environmental Crimes Brochure to learn more about Illegal Dumping and WHERE to make a report. How to Dispose of Paint article.

Animals and Livestock

Please visit our Animals and Livestock page to find out about impounded livestock, animal cruelty and leash laws.

Impound and Wrecker

Please visit our Impound and Wrecker page to learn more about towing fees, non-consensual towing, towing from private property and frequently asked questions.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit’s primary responsibility is to support the Patrol Division. The unit is comprised of one sergeant and five dog handlers. Four dogs and their handlers are designated to fugitive apprehension and narcotic searches, with the remaining dog and handler is assigned exclusively to the SWAT Team. K-9 handlers also assist the Vice Unit with searches of vehicles, structures and the tracking of persons.

Fugitive apprehension/narcotics dogs and handlers are primarily scheduled to work evening and late night shifts to assist the patrol division with calls in progress that have the potential for violence, a need for tracking persons or apprehending suspects that flee. Deputies may request K-9 assistance on traffic stops when there is a need for searches for suspected narcotics and felony take downs. The K-9 Unit is frequently requested to conduct searches for the detection of narcotics at the Federal Bureau of Corrections in Bastrop, as well as at schools throughout Travis County. In 2016, the unit’s fugitive/narcotics dogs and handlers logged well over 148 narcotic searches and over 150 searches for persons.

The unit’s SWAT dog and handler conducts daily operations with the SWAT/Fugitive Apprehension Unit. The K9 SWAT Handler also assists SWAT with planned search warrant missions and SWAT call-outs.

The School Resource Unit of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office also has two narcotics detection handlers and dogs assigned to them. These narcotics dogs work directly in the schools to deter drug activity with the schools. These School Resource dogs and handlers routinely train alongside the other fugitive/narcotic detection dogs.


West Command

Maurice Moore Building - 3800 Hudson Bend Road, Austin, Texas 78732 (Map)

(512) 854-9728


The Travis County Sheriff’s Office embraces the philosophy of Community Policing. With this strategy, officers patrol the same districts during their tour of duty in an effort to become familiar with the people and the surroundings. This style of policing allows the officers and the citizens to form a partnership that not only addresses crime, but also has a positive impact on quality of life issues.

This area of the county includes the beginning of what is referred to as the Texas Hill Country. The terrain generally includes high limestone cliffs and various creek beds. Lake Travis and the Colorado River dominate the center of their area. Incorporated cities within this jurisdiction include: Bee Caves, Lakeway, Lago Vista, Rollingwood, Westlake Hills, Sunset Valley and Jonestown. Villages include Briarcliff, Point Venture and Volente. The population of the unincorporated areas of this part of the county is approximately 80,651 (2010 Census). The racial breakdown includes: 87% white, 1% Black, 9% Hispanic and 2% Asian.

The West Command Center was opened in late 2001 at the intersection of FM 620 and Hudson Bend Road. It is responsible for law enforcement in the western half of the county. The dividing line generally is Interstate Highway 35. Their territory includes Lake Travis and the surrounding area. Specialized Units that operate out of the West Command include the Dive Team, Dwi Unit, HEAT, Lake Patrol, Motors ans School Resource Officers (highlighted below). Two additional units (not highlighted below) are the Crisis Intervention Team and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.

Crisis Intervention Team

Please visit our crisis intervention team page to learn more.

Dive Team

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Underwater Recovery Team (S.U.R.T.) was formed in March 1998 to replace an all-volunteer civilian team in an effort to enhance underwater investigations done in Travis County.

The Team is comprised of Law Enforcement Bureau personnel for more accurate reporting in recoveries of drowning victims and evidence. It is made up of divers, topside personnel and one volunteer medic. Training occurs twelve times a year, once each month. Training topics include search and recovery techniques, diver rescue, deep diving, limited visibility diving, night operations and specialized equipment familiarization. The Team has at its disposal a 26’ pontoon style dive boat, a 16’ equipment trailer, an underwater metal detector, an underwater video camera with topside monitor and digital video recorder, underwater communications equipment and contaminated water protection suits.

Dive missions are generally for the recovery of drowning victims; however, calls for evidence recovery and stolen vehicles are also made. Most dives are in extremely low visibility conditions under highly stressful conditions. The Team has performed approximately 70 missions since its existence.

S.U.R.T. divers and topside personnel are expected to show proficiency in water skills by performing a swimming evaluation once a year and must have an annual medical release form signed by a physician. They must also be current in first aid and CPR.

The S.U.R.T. members are highly dedicated and know that they are performing an invaluable service to the residents of Travis County.

DWI Unit

Texas leads the nation in alcohol-related vehicle fatalities. The need for effective and proactive enforcement of Texas’ Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) laws is crucial in combating a continued problem on the roadways of Travis County.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the aggressive enforcement of Texas’ DWI laws and to making the roadways in our county a safe place to travel. A full-time DWI Enforcement Unit was created that consists of one Sergeant and four deputies. The DWI Unit is responsible for the pro-active detection, investigation and arrest of alcohol and/or drug-impaired drivers.

Their primary work hours are consistent with the most prominent times DWI offenses occur, but the officers often adjust their schedules so they can be present and conduct enforcement activity for various special events and holidays.

Along with the detection and apprehension of impaired drivers, the deputies of the DWI Unit are responsible for enforcing all traffic laws of the state. Other responsibilities include working as instructors for current and new patrol officers in DWI detection and apprehension. They also work closely with the Training Academy to provide continued training in DWI detection for surrounding area agencies.

The deputies of the DWI Unit are highly motivated individuals with a passion for what they do. They believe strongly in reducing traffic collisions caused by impaired drivers and in making the roadways in Travis County a safe place for citizens and motorists.

Highway Enforcement and Traffic (HEAT)

The mission of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office’s Highway Enforcement and Accident Team (H.E.A.T. Unit) is to enforce the traffic laws of this state, report, investigate and reconstruct, when necessary, traffic accidents that occur within the highways and roadways of Travis County.

With the ever-increasing number of vehicles and operators on Travis County roadways, traffic accidents will continue to occur. In an effort to limit the likelihood of traffic accidents, the H.E.A.T. Unit works to reduce traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities through traffic law enforcement. The safe and expeditious movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic can only be accomplished with an increased law enforcement presence and with the public's voluntary compliance of traffic laws and regulations. For more information on how to keep your highways and roadways safe, you can contact the Travis County Sheriff's Office H.E.A.T. Unit at (512) 854-9728. Make a difference, obey the law and drive safely.

Lake Patrol

The Travis County Sheriff's Office is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of the community. The Lake Patrol Unit accomplishes this mission by promoting safety and educating boaters who recreate on Lake Travis.

The Lake Patrol Unit is responsible for patrolling Lake Travis and enforcing the Texas Water Safety Act. The Lake Patrol Unit responds to calls for service on Lake Travis and assists other law enforcement agencies, along with Austin/Travis County EMS, and the local fire departments that respond to calls on Lake Travis.

Lake Travis starts after the Max Starke dam just east of Marble Falls, Texas and winds its way through the central Texas Hill Country for 65 miles to western Travis County northwest of Austin. It is the longest of the seven Highland Lakes and a very popular boating and sailing lake. There are many marinas, public and private boat ramps, and public parks for the community to enjoy.

At the widest point, the lake is 4.5 miles wide and has 270 miles of shoreline. Lake Travis is the fifth lake down in the chain of Highland Lakes on the Colorado River in central Texas.


The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Motors Unit is a specialized unit within the Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) that consists of 12 motor officers, one Sergeant and one Lieutenant. The Motor Unit works 10 hour shifts 7 days a week. The TCSO Motor’s Unit main headquarters is located at 3800 Hudson Bend Road, Austin, Travis County, Texas 78732.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office, by its mission, is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of the community, while maintaining the highest level of standards. The Motor Unit’s primary mission and goals are to provide firm, fair, and consistent traffic enforcement throughout Travis County with primary attention to the unincorporated portions of the county. The Motor Unit also assists the citizens of Travis County with traffic-related issues such as speeding, aggressive driving and other miscellaneous violations within the Texas Transportation Code within their respective neighborhoods and or other areas of concern. The Motor Unit also investigates collisions to include minor collisions, more severe collisions and leaving the scene collisions.

The most common tool used in the TCSO Motor Unit to deter traffic violations is working “Selective Traffic Assignments.” These assignments may be assigned based on a citizen complaint(s) of a specific and troubling area or by other deputies within the agency who know of certain problem areas. As a whole, the majority of selective traffic assignments are those worked as a result of the deputy identifying troubled areas, which routinely have a high volume of violations and or collisions.

The Motor Unit also has other duties to perform such as community outreach presentations, education presentations, recruiting duties, funeral escorts, military escorts, dignitary escorts, static displays and parades. Additionally, they work closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety and other agencies within Travis County assisting with the reconstruction of fleet collisions and fatal collisions.

The professional operation of the TCSO Motor Unit, as well as ensuring the safety of the deputies requires a commitment to a comprehensive and continuous motorcycle training program. This program consists of a “Basic Police Motorcycle Course” which each deputy must attend and successfully complete. The deputies also complete ten hours of monthly continuous training to assist them in their skills on the operation of the motorcycle. Additionally, deputies are required to train in other areas to develop expertise in required responsibilities.

School Resource Officers

Please visit our School Resource Officers page to find out about the unit.


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