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Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation Today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27, 2022

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation Today

Every year, millions of people fall victim to domestic violence. It’s a prevalent form of aggravated crime, and the toughest for victims to flee. Abusers often use children, employment, finances and shared property to trap victims into dependence. Fear tactics push this dirty secret into the shadows. It affects generations -and it could be happening in the house next door. It isn’t limited to any one race, earning bracket or area.

Today, the Travis County Commissioners Court will issue a Proclamation designating October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Travis County.

You can make a difference. You can help put a stop to domestic violence. Learn the signs. Know what to do. Together, we can offer help and hope to these survivors.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are not alone! There are ways to get out and get help. Experts will help you choose the way out that works best for you and caring hands and hearts will walk alongside you every step of the way.

Resource Links:

Do Something Domestic Violence Awarness Campaign

Safe Austin

Anyone in need of survivor resources is encouraged to contact SAFE 24-hour hotline at (512) 267-SAFE (7233) or the Travis County Attorney’s Office Protective Order Division at (512) 854-4163.


Submitted By: Kristen Dark, Sr. Public Information Officer (512) 854-4986

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