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Multi-Agency Operation Sends a Message to Street Racers



Multi-Agency Operation Sends a Message to Street Racers

TCSO received many complaints from residents in Wells Branch over several months. The community was fed up with the antics of a growing group of car enthusiasts who were congregating in a parking lot at the corner of Wells Branch Pkwy and Mopac. In the late evening and early morning hours, the parking lot would fill with cars and spectators. Drivers used a center area of the parking lot for "burnouts" as pedestrians stood dangerously close by. Drivers also took to area streets to engage in illegal street races.

As the group grew in numbers, their dangerous behavior escalated. Participants even posted videos to You Tube, showing off their burnouts and bragging that law enforcement couldn’t touch them.

Putting a stop to the group’s unsanctioned activities was a challenge because the group gathered in a private parking lot and the racing was conducted on roadways in multiple jurisdictions. TCSO first worked with the proprietors of the parking lot and noted their desire that the car group not be permitted to gather on their property anymore. Next, TCSO gathered a multi-agency task force that included: Austin Police Department, Department of Public Safety, Pflugerville Police Department, Round Rock Police Department and Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

On Saturday, March 3, 2018, over 100 officers from the participating agencies executed an operation that had been months in the making. In a multi-phase operation, officers cleared the parking lot, arrested reckless drivers and issued citations for traffic violations to drivers who sped into the various jurisdictions.

In total, 15 arrests were made for reckless driving and 25 citations were written for traffic violations.

The task force will continue to enforce Criminal Trespass law if members of the group attempt to gather in the parking lot in the future and will be doing the same in areas where the group tends to move. There are car enthusiast groups that gather and conduct sanctioned car shows throughout Texas. As long as this group chooses to operate without permits and perform illegal activities, local law enforcement agencies will work to protect drivers and pedestrians as well as ensure that local communities not have their quality of life compromised by the noise and reckless behavior of a few.


Submitted By: Kristen Dark, Sr. Public Information Officer, 512-854-4986

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