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Subject Dies After Foot Pursuit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 20, 2021

Subject Dies After Foot Pursuit

At 6:30 am on September 20, 2021, deputies were dispatched to the 14700 block of Fitzgibbon Dr. in response to a 911 call in which a male reported his wife was planning to murder him. The caller was out of breath and could not spell his own name. A female got on the phone and told the dispatcher her husband was on drugs and refused to let her leave the room.

When deputies arrived on scene, the man was barricaded in an upstairs room and refused to speak with members of TCSO’s Crisis Intervention Team. At 6:55 am, he jumped out of a second story window and ran. Deputies ran after him, and within the distance of a few houses, caught up to him.

As deputies attempted to calm him down and contain him, he became unresponsive. CPR was started by ATCEMS and AFD, who also responded to the call and were on scene. Their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, and the man was pronounced deceased at 8:01 am.

An investigation by TCSO’s Internal Affairs Unit, Criminal Investigations Division and the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office is underway.
Submitted By: Kristen Dark, Sr. Public Information Officer (512) 854-4986

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