Employees of the Sheriff’s Office Finance Department work at several locations: the Keith G. Ruiz Finance Office, the Travis County Correctional Complex (TCCC) Finance Office, TCCC Supply Office and the TCCC warehouse.

The responsibilities of the Finance Department vary greatly and include the supervision, coordination and administration of major financial affairs including: accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, fleet, fixed assets and purchasing. TCCC Finance Office’s primary function is to maintain departmental financial accountability to ensure internal financial controls for efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

Ruiz Finance

The Ruiz Finance Office is primarily responsible for receiving and processing the deposit of collections from Central Booking, Central Records, Central Warrants and the Sheriff’s Office Estray Unit. In addition, the team posts all money orders sent to inmate accounts and prepares monthly department financial statements for the ten discretionary accounts maintained by the Sheriff’s Office.

The Ruiz team is also responsible for processing payments for a variety of services including communications, inmate medical services, and travel; as well as preparing invoices for inter-local agreements, elections and overtime billing.

Finally, the Ruiz Finance Office manages a number of programs and databases including the fixed asset and fleet databases, the Attorney Surety Bond program and the residential and business alarm permit program.

TCCC Finance

The TCCC Finance Office serves both the Corrections and Law Enforcement Bureaus to ensure the financial resources are available to adequately and effectively function with overall efficiency. The TCCC Finance Office oversees capital projects, the procurement process of goods and services, and ensures compliance with county purchasing policies (Chapter 262 Texas Local Govt Code) and federal and state laws. TCCC Finance also ensures the ethical compliance of various funds including: general fund, grants, capital allocated reserves, certificate of obligations and Sheriff’s Office discretionary funds.

While monitoring and managing an estimated $176.8 million annual budget along with various grants and discretionary funds, TCCC Finance plays a supporting role in seeking the best quality, lowest priced goods and services to meet the needs of the county and its personnel, as well as providing prompt payment to county vendors.

Alarm Registration

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Attorney Surety Bonds

You can find information regarding Attorney Surety Bonds HERE.


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