Public Information Office

The Public Information Office (PIO) is made up of the public information officer whose primary function is to disseminate information and act as the liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the public, which includes media and other agencies. The Senior PIO is on call 24/7 and manages personnel who are presenting information on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office to ensure that the message is clear and consistent with policy guidelines. The PIO also works with two paralegals who handle the many open records requests made by the public.

The Senior PIO coordinates with other agencies, such as the Constable Precinct 1, Emergency Services, Fire Marshal, STARFlight, Medical Examiner, Travis County Parks and the Emergency Operations Center, as well as non-profits seeking assistance in getting their message out to the public through the media.

Kristen Dark, Public Information Officer
5555 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78751
(512) 854-4986

Open Records Requests

The Texas Public Information Act guarantees the public access to information maintained by a governmental entity. It is the policy of this Office to provide the greatest access possible to public information. Your request for information is made under the Texas Public Information Act. You can refer to the requirements and guidelines HERE.

How Do I Make an Public Records Request?

Requests for information must be made in writing. Your request should include your name, address, and a detailed description of the records you are requesting. Requests must be made by either:


Electronic requests will be accepted ONLY if they are sent to the designated email of [email protected]


Fax requests to: 512-854-7270

In Person

Hand deliver requests to:
5555 Airport Blvd. Austin, TX
Available in person Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm


Travis County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Shelly Eaton
P.O. Box 1748, Austin, TX, 78767

Press Releases

You can access the latest and archived Travis County Sheriff's Office press releases from 2007 to current HERE.


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