What is expected?

A sound work ethic, excellent assessment skills and a willingness to learn to work autonomously. Inmate patients are very good actors, so assessment skills have to be relied upon.

Is there a probationary period?

There is a one-year probationary period for all employees.

What are the schedules like?

Employees are assigned to various schedules in order to meet the needs of the Sheriff's Office; schedules vary depending on assignment.

What is the starting salary?

Salaries are competitive with the local market, depending on prior experience, skills, and bilingual status; shift differential for certain Medical positions and shift differential for certain Non-Officer positions will be added to salary if appropriate. Review job descriptions and salary ranges.


What is the salary for an officer?

We offer a competitive salary starting at $40,00 per yr. for a beginning cadet and $53,347.85 per yr. for a deputy.

Do you offer lateral transfers from other agencies?

Prior Experience Corrections Officer:

With 5-9 years prior relevant Corrections experience and an Intermediate TCOLE License:

  • Starting Salary $47,520.23 per yr. / $3,960.08 per mo. After hire, if eligible for Sr. CO $51,652.47 per yr. / $4,304.37 per mo.

With 10+ years prior relevant Corrections experience and an Advanced TCOLE License:

  • Starting Salary $49,828.53 per yr. / $4,152.38 per mo. After hire, if eligible for Sr. CO, $54,161.48 / $4,513.46 per mo.

Prior Experience Law Enforcement Deputy:

With 5-9 years prior relevant Texas Law Enforcement experience and an Intermediate TCOLE License:

  • Starting Salary $55,502.96 per yr. / $4,625.25 per mo. After hire, if eligible, for Sr. Deputy $58,855.01 per yr. / $4,987.92 per mo.

With 10+ years prior relevant Texas Law Enforcement experience and an Advanced TCOLE License:

  • Starting salary $57,745.28 per yr. / $4,812.11 per mo. After hire, if eligible for Sr. Deputy $62,762.45 per yr. / $5,230.20 per mo.

Is there a Physical Readiness Test for Corrections and Law Enforcement applicants?

Yes, all applicants for sworn positions are required to pass a timed 500 meter row at 50% or above on the Concept2 Rower according to their gender. Follow the link to the Concept 2 Rower to get an understanding of the machine we will be using.

What happens if I fail the Physical Readiness Test?

An applicant can make three separate attempts at passing the row test, as long as they complete each attempt; each attempt must be scheduled on separate testing days. 

Are there promotional opportunities for women?

Yes, Travis County Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against race or gender. Our Civil Service Commission regulates procedures for promotion and ensures that all staff is treated fairly and equally.

Do female officers work with male inmates?

Yes, our female officers do work with male inmates.

Is there training available on how to handle the inmates?

Yes, all of our cadets attend our Corrections Officer Basic Recruit Academy (COBRA). The academy is approximately two months. You will learn about inmate con games, unarmed self-defense techniques, radio procedures, smoke house safety, handcuffing procedures, code of ethics, CPR, management of direct supervision jails and firearms training. Once you have completed COBRA, you will be assigned to work in the jail with a Field Training Officer for approximately four weeks.


Will we hire a new graduate?

Yes. We would prefer a year's experience, but we will hire new nurses as long as they have passed state licensing exams.

What kind of work do we do?

For the inmate population, we administer medications, do chronic wound care, check diabetics, handle emergencies, work off of nursing protocols, do ECGs, draw blood, check patients into their clinic appointments, review medical records for referrals, enter patient information in the computer, take lots of provider orders, check-in medications from the pharmacy, give injections when needed (sometimes involuntary), give and read ppd's for TB screening and a myriad other things.

Is there a doctor available?

Yes, the doctor works a regular 40-hour week and then the doctor, or a mid-level practitioner, is on call around the clock. We have nurse practitioners and physician's assistants in our health care system. We have a contract psychiatrist working 40 hours a week and the psychiatrist or the psychiatric nurse practitioner is on-call around the clock.

What kind of patients do we have?

We see the same kinds of illnesses, diseases and injuries seen in clinics, emergency rooms and doctor's offices everywhere. We see a higher population of Hepatitis C and HIV positive patients, mentally ill patients, diabetics and hypertensives.

What hours do we work?

It is a standard 40-hour work week of 8-hour shifts, usually in 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm and 11pm-7am shifts. We have had an occasional nurse work 10-hour shifts (temporarily).



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