Thank you for your interest in the Travis County Sheriff's Office (TCSO). TCSO is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer with a policy of filling vacant positions with qualified applicants who best meet the agencies mission. Please review our Current Openings.

Each applicant seeking employment with TCSO must successfully complete a multi-step hiring process as outlined below. Various positions will require specialized steps based on the unique requirements of that position.

Persons selected for employment must meet all applicable requirements. TCSO recognizes its responsibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act not to discriminate against either prospective or current employees who are disabled. Therefore, applications for employment are accepted from all qualified candidates. TCSO is prepared to make reasonable accommodations in situations where an undue hardship is not imposed upon this Office. Any applicant needing accommodations to complete the application process should notify the Human Resources Office in writing at least 72 hours prior to the next scheduled step or testing.

Please read each job description thoroughly to be sure you meet all minimum job qualifications before applying.

Hiring Process

Step 1:  Review Agency Disqualifiers

Please review our Agency Disqualifiers to proceed with our Application Process.

Step 2:  Apply online

You can review current job openings and apply online at Once you select a job posting to apply for, you will be required to create an account. Once you have applied for a position, please monitor your email account as all communication will be sent via email.

Note: Please DO NOT use a Gmail email account as this service will block ALL Travis County emails to the user.

Step 3:  Complete Required Tests

Once the online application has been reviewed, an email will be sent to you regarding testing dates and times.  You must follow the instructions to self-schedule your testing. At the appointed testing time, all applicants will be required to:

  • Be on time at the testing site. Anyone arriving after the scheduled time will not be allowed to test so give yourself plenty of time to account for unexpected traffic delays.
  • Bring a valid photo ID; acceptable forms of identification include: Texas or other Resident State Driver’s License (with current address), State Identification Cards or a current Military Identification Card.

A brief description of each test is outlined below.

  • Vocabulary Test: For this test, the applicant will be required to look at a word in context and answer the multiple choice question with the best choice. There are 35 questions with a 15 minute time limit for this test.
  • Reading Comprehension Test: For this test, the applicant will be required to read several paragraphs and answer multiple choice questions pertaining to the paragraphs. There are 15 questions with a 15 minute time limit for this test.
  • Typing Test: For Office Specialist, a typing test is required. Applicants must meet the minimum required words per minute as outlined in the position description to be considered eligible for hire.
  • Position Specific Test: For certain positions, such as 9-1-1 Telecommunications, position specific tests may be administered. These tests will be designed to assess an individual’s response to a typical situation that would be encountered in that line of work.

Step 4:  Complete Personal History Statement 

Upon successful completion of the Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension Test and/or Job Specific Test, the applicant will be issued a Personal History Statement (PHS) packet. In addition to the PHS packet, the applicant will provide original documentation or certified copies of the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card (laminated cards are NOT accepted)
  • Valid Driver’s License or a Identification Card (displaying current address)
  • Current Proof of Auto Insurance
  • Educational related documentation (sealed and unopened high school/college transcripts or official GED)
  • If applicable, Proof of Professional Licensing (medical, counselor, maintenance or telecommunicator)
  • If applicable, Military Form DD-214 (veterans only - Member 4 is required)

NOTE: Applicants may apply for multiple positions by using one application packet. However, you must meet each position's individual requirement. Incomplete application packets will not be processed.

Step 5:  Background Investigation

Applicants will undergo an extensive and thorough background investigation. Typically, background investigations can take up to six weeks. If the background investigation meets TCSO standards, the applicant will proceed with an interview before the Oral Review Board.

Step 6:  Interview with Oral Review Board

Applicants who successfully pass the background investigation are then scheduled for an interview with an Oral Review Board. During the board, an applicant will be asked a series of general and situational questions regarding the position for which they apply. The applicant must pass the Oral Review Board in order to be placed on an eligibility list. Applicants may apply for multiple positions; however, they must pass a separate Oral Review Board for each position applied for in order to qualify for that particular eligibility list. For example, an individual who applies for an Office Specialist and a Security Coordinator position must interview and successfully pass two separate oral review boards in order to be on the eligibility lists for each position.

Step 7:  Placement on an Eligibility List

Applicants that have successfully passed the Oral Review Board will be placed on an eligibility list, from which selection for employment will be made.

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