Captain Kenneth Evans

captain kenneth evans and deputy stephen davisCaptain Kenneth Evans welcoming newest Reserve deputy Stephen Davis.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office (TCSO) Reserve Unit is a group of volunteer deputies and corrections officers. Because the Reserve Unit is volunteer, they provide a variety of duties for the Sheriff's Office at great savings to the taxpayers of Travis County. Members of the Sheriff's Reserve Unit are sworn deputies and/or corrections officers who are committed to volunteer 16 hours per month on average. In addition, members must complete 20-40 hours of state and Sheriff's Office-required mandatory training per year. Members must also qualify with their firearms per Sheriff's Office policy to maintain proficiency.

Reserve Unit law enforcement deputies supplement uniformed patrol when full-time deputies are on leave due to sickness, vacation or military leave. They are also activated when additional deputies are needed due to man-made or natural disasters, such as severe weather events, wildfires and Homeland Security concerns.

Reserve Unit corrections officers supplement full-time corrections officers at the Travis County Jail or at the Travis County Correctional Complex. After certification, Reserve corrections officers can perform transportation duties, hospital duty and other more advanced assignments.


Opportunities in the Reserve Unit


Positions Available Currently are as Follows:

An Advanced Reserve Deputy (ARD) is an individual who is TCLEOSE-certified as a Basic Peace Officer or higher and has completed the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Field Training program. An ARD can independently cover shifts for full-time Patrol Deputies as requested.

An Intermediate Reserve Deputy (IRD) is an individual who is TCLEOSE-certified as a Basic Peace Officer or higher and has completed an abbreviated Field Training Program. The abbreviated program will be a multi-phase program that focuses on officer safety and validates that the IRD can safely and effectively fulfill a secondary patrol role (i.e., supporting an ARD or full-time Deputy).

A Basic Reserve Deputy (BRD) is an individual who is TCLEOSE-certified as a Basic Peace Officer or higher and has completed the Travis County Sheriff’s Office CODES Course.

A Probationary Reserve Deputy (PRD) is an individual who has passed the TCLEOSE Exam and has been sworn in as a Reserve Deputy, has served less than one year in the Reserve Unit and has less than two hundred (200) hours service with TCSO. This is not a stand-alone category, but applies to all levels of reserve deputies, including deputies that transfer into the Reserve Unit from full-time status.

A Corrections/Transport/Jailer is an individual who has completed the TCSO COBRA course or BPOC training class with additional classes as required, and is capable of assisting in the Corrections area as needed/trained. These Officers will wear uniforms as required by the function. These officers are not authorized to carry weapons other than those with which they have been certified and authorized to carry and may do so only when on duty.

A Reserve Technician is a non-licensed member of the Reserve Unit who is in a period of waiting before attending a BPOC Academy. They may assist as requested in various functions but are not permitted to perform any Law Enforcement related functions. Reserve Technicians are not authorized to carry a weapon at any time while on duty and may not operate any Department vehicles. Reserve Technicians must complete a certified TCLEOSE-training academy and pass the TCLEOSE Basic Peace Officer exam within two years of hire date.

Hiring Information


To be hired by the Reserve Unit, applicants must have a clear criminal history, a good driving record and be licensed by the state of Texas (TCLEOSE) as a Peace Officer or Corrections Officer. For deputies, this includes the completion of approximately 660 hours of coursework and training. This training is provided locally by the Capital Area Planning Council (CAPCOG), (512) 916-6160, and by the Austin Community College, Criminal Justice Department, (512) 223-5182. Certified applicants must also pass a Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Test, a Physical Readiness Test (2,000 meter row), a law-enforcement deputy entrance exam, a background interview, a background investigation, and the oral interview board. In addition, each application must complete a personal history statement.

Hiring requirements for a reserve corrections officer are identical to those for paid officers. Please see the "Hiring Process" below for the steps and requirements.

TCSO is continuously looking for qualified men and women who are interested in providing a great service to their community in this capacity. If you are interested in joining the Reserve Unit or have questions about the training requirements or the hiring process, please contact Capt. Kenneth Evans.

Hiring Process

Step 1:  Review Agency Disqualifiers

Please review our Agency Disqualifiers to proceed with our Application Process.

Step 2:  Apply

You can review current job openings and apply online at Once you select a job posting to apply for, you will be required to create an account. The online application will determine if you meet the the minimum requirements set forth by TCSO and the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Once you have applied for a position, please monitor your email account as all communication will be sent via email. Note: Some email services will block ALL Travis County emails to the user. We are addressing this issue by sending a text to qualified applicants to set up testing. Make sure your cell phone number is entered correctly and that your voice mail box is set up to accept messages.

**Important** If you have previously applied to the Travis County Sheriff's Office you MUST answer yes to this question. If we find that you have previously applied and you answered "no", you will be be disqualified and will not be able to reapply for a minimum of one year.

Step 3:  Complete Required Tests

Once the online application has been reviewed, an email will be sent to you regarding testing instructions. You must follow the instructions to self-schedule your testing. All Law Enforcement Deputy Testing occurs on the same day; you must pass each level of testing to proceed. At the appointed testing time, all applicants will be required to:

  • Be on time at the testing site. Anyone arriving after the scheduled time will not be allowed to test. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive due to unexpected traffic delays.
  • Bring a valid photo ID; acceptable forms of identification include: Texas or other Resident State Driver’s License (with current address), State Identification Cards or a current Military Identification Card.
  • To ensure your safety during the Physical Readiness Test (PRT), please be prepared to sign a medical waiver.

A brief description of each test is outlined below.

  • Vocabulary Test: For this test, the applicant will be required to look at a word in context, and answer the multiple choice question with the best choice. There are 35 questions with a 15 minute time limit for this test.
  • Reading Comprehension Test: For this test, the applicant will be required to read several paragraphs and answer multiple choice questions pertaining to the paragraphs. There are 15 questions with a 15 minute time limit for this test.
  • Physical Readiness Test: For this test, Officer candidates only will be required to complete a timed 500 meter row at 50% or above according to their gender. A medical waiver will be required prior to taking this test. The minimum time is 2:08 for a male and 2:27 for a female. You can find Training Tips at
  • Law Enforcement Exam: For this test, Law Enforcement Deputy candidates only will be assessed on their individual response to a typical situation that would be encountered in this line of work.

Step 4:  Complete Personal History Statement 

Upon successful completion of the Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension Test and the PRT Row, the applicant will be issued a Personal History Statement (PHS) packet. In addition to the PHS packet, the applicant will provide original documentation or certified copies of the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card (laminated cards are NOT accepted)
  • Valid Driver’s License or a Identification Card (displaying current address)
  • Current Proof of Auto Insurance
  • Educational related documentation (sealed and unopened high school/college transcripts or diploma or GED)
  • Proof of Certification as a licensed Texas Peace Officer
  • If applicable, Military Form DD-214 (veterans only - Member 4 is required)

NOTE: Incomplete application packets will not be processed.

Step 5: Background Investigation

Applicants will undergo an extensive and thorough background investigation. Typically, background investigations can take up to six weeks. If the background investigation meets TCSO standards, the applicant will proceed with an interview before the Oral Review Board.

Step 6: Interview with Oral Review Board

Applicants who successfully pass the background investigation are then scheduled for an interview with an Oral Review Board. During the board, an applicant will be asked a series of general and situational questions regarding the position for which they apply. The applicant must pass the Oral Review Board in order to be placed on an eligibility list. Applicants may apply for multiple positions; however, they must pass a separate Oral Review Board for each position applied for in order to qualify for that particular eligibility list. For example, an individual who applies for an Office Specialist and a Security Coordinator position must interview and successfully pass two separate oral review boards in order to be on the eligibility lists for each position.

Step 7: Placement on an Eligibility List

Applicants that have successfully passed the Oral Review Board will be placed on an eligibilty list, from which selection for employment will be made. The eligibilty list will expire after six months.

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