Travis County Criminal Justice Center

The Travis County Criminal Justice Center consists of the following:

Travis County Jail


This complex encompasses one full block of down town Austin between 10th & 11th streets and Guadalupe & Nueces streets. The first and oldest building is the Heaman Marion Sweatt Travis County Courthouse. This building is used for hearing civil cases and contains the County Clerks Office & Law Library. The main entrance to this building faces Guadalupe St.

In 1986, the Travis County Jail (TCJ) was opened to house 286 pre-trial detainees. The main entrance to TCJ faces the plaza directly behind the Heaman Marion Sweatt Travis County Courthouse.

In April of 2001, the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center opened adjacent to the Travis County Jail.  It contains a direct supervision booking facility utilized by all of Travis County. Central booking also contains an office for Austin Municipal Court. The sally-port entrance is off of 10th St., at the corner of Nueces.

As part of the Criminal Justice Center, the tower also houses the criminal courts, probation offices, the District Attorney’s Office, Pre-trial services, Court Administration and Courthouse Security.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Central Command Security maintains the security of all Travis County court buildings. This section is tasked with screening all persons entering the facility, while also maintaining perimeter security, monitoring building alarms and security cameras.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office Transportation section is responsible for inmate movement to and from court. Transportation also handles extraditions, persons arrested on Travis County warrants in other counties, and court arrests.

Travis County Correctional Complex


The Travis County Correctional Complex was first opened in 1977 and is a campus-style correctional facility, encompassing approximately 130 acres. The complex consists of twelve inmate-housing facilities: 1, 2, 3, 5 – 9, 11, 12, CCB and Health Services. The majority are Direct Supervision which allows staff to actively manage inmate behavior to produce a safe and secure environment.

The complex has numerous support buildings to include a warehouse, healthcare facility, kitchen (which is supported, in part, by an on-site, working garden), inmate property, maintenance and marketable skills. There is also an on-site, non-denominational church which offers services to inmates seven days a week.

Courthouse Security

The goal of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office is to provide courteous service and expedient entry to all visitors of our buildings and we appreciate your cooperation in this effort.

Travis County Sheriff deputies are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of numerous county buildings to include: Heman Marion Sweatt Travis County Courthouse, Gardner Betts Juvenile facility and a court for the state Attorney General’s Office.

Due to the nature of some business conducted in these facilities you can expect to go through a screening checkpoint upon entering these buildings. You will be treated with courtesy and respect.

Screening Process

To ensure your timely arrival at your destination inside any of these buildings you are encouraged to arrive at least forty-five minutes prior to your appointment so that you may complete the Screening Process. Just to give you an idea of what to expect at the CJC alone we process up to 1,000 people each morning between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. As with many secured facilities you may visit where they have a screening process you will not be allowed to bring in Prohibited Items such as weapons, explosives, incendiaries, and even some items that you may see as harmless but may be used as weapons.

Prohibited Items

A list of common items not allowed inside our facilities can be found HERE. This list is not all inclusive but will give you a general idea of what to leave at home.

Attorney and Bonding Companies Picture I.D. Program

TCSO Attorney Badge Identification Card Procedures and Guidelines

Attorney-Bondsman Process 

Attorney Identification Card Application


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