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Research & Planning

Research & Planning supports the efforts of TCSO in terms of grants, incident and event responses, budgeting, court interactions, and a myriad other diverse assignments. Grants not only allow us to pursue day to day Law Enforcement and Corrections activities, but also allow the agency to expand its activities into crucial areas of need.

Our Travis County Commissioner’s Court submittals are instrumental in putting the thoughts, ideas, and mandates of the Sheriff and county into effect.

Emergency Management is another role we undertake. Whether its support to sworn officers in Emergency Operations Center activations such as occurred in the numerous floods or as part of Incident Management Teams responding to calls for assistance from across the state, we assist whenever asked. Our team coordinates resources ranging from food and clothing to bulldozers and air support. Whatever is required to successfully manage and resolve a critical incident, we coordinate, mobilize, regroup and account for every asset necessary.

We also provide specialized incident management and project management training for TCSO and external agencies. We undertake special projects and tasks as needed while maintaining daily duties, recording and submitting required data for mandated state and national reporting of statistics, whether Jail or Law Enforcement related.

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