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Inmate Mental Health Services

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If you have a loved one in our custody that shared that they may hurt themselves, please contact us immediately 24/7 at 512-854-9889.

Please submit the below Online Mental Health Form to provide information to our Inmate Mental Heath Team for review. We will only respond to you if we need additional information; this enables us to focus our attention on our patients. Thank you for reaching out to our team. If you are unable to complete this form, please call 512-854-5356.

If you want to schedule an inmate visit, please go to our Visit an Inmate page.

For commissary information, please go to our Send Money/Commissary page.

Our Inmate Mental Health team is comprised of a psychiatrist (medical doctor) and nurse practitioner who prescribe medications, a psychologist, and professional counselors and clinical social workers. We provide patients with treatment based on their individual needs and determine the most appropriate and safe housing while in custody.

We understand that this may be a very difficult time to those we serve and their families.


Screening & Assessment

All individuals are screened for mental health needs at Central Booking. Our staff are trained to assess and refer to treatment, and make sure individuals are housed safely. Because everyone’s needs can vary and change over time, we continue to assess and re-assess patients throughout their time in custody.


Our behavioral health staff not only monitor symptoms and make referrals to prescribers, but also provide crisis counseling, education, and support based upon the individual’s mental health needs. Additionally, staff work with individuals on grief, anxiety and adjustment issues related to being incarcerated and make hospital and death notifications.


Medication is automatically continued if the patient has an active prescription upon entering the jail. Individuals who do not have an active prescription are assessed by behavioral health staff to determine if a referral to the psychiatric team is needed. We continually assess patients for symptoms throughout their time in custody through referrals and by request of the inmate. Inmates always have access to our staff on an emergency basis by speaking with their post officer.

Court Coordination

Our mental health coordinator collaborates with behavioral health staff, psychiatric providers, courts and community agencies on an on-going basis regarding inmates with serious mental illness or medical needs to ensure that their needs are taken into consideration in the legal process.

Family Program

Information Coming Soon!


Upon release, inmates are referred to Austin/Travis County Integral Care for continuing their treatment.

We highly encourage families to reach out to NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) for education and support.

Court Date/Attorney Search

Travis County Reentry Resource Guide



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