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Language Line Instructions

For a Language Line Interpreter, call 1-800-774-4344.

The operator will ask for your Client ID number: 904088

You will be prompted to give your personal password: VA number

For emergency situations, call: 1-800-523-1786 and follow the same instructions as above.

Helpful Tips

  • Brief the interpreter on the situation before they dial out to the victim – give them your name and that you’re calling from TCSO Victim Services.
  • Indicate whether you want to leave a message.
  • Always provide the VSU main line 512-854-9709 as the call-back number.
  • Ask the interpreter for “word-for-word” interpretation.
  • Should you encounter an unsatisfactory interpreter, it’s okay to end the call and call in again – this will often result in utilizing a different interpreter.

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